If you are interested in the technical details, we have published several papers detailing the process of building CityBeat. Enjoy your read!

Schwartz, R., Naaman M., Teodoro R. (2015) Editorial Algorithms: Using Social Media to Discover and Report Local News. The Ninth International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM-15). Oxford, UK, May 2015. [PDF]

Xia C., Schwartz, R., Xie K., Krebs A., Langdon A., Ting J. and Naaman M., CityBeat: Real-time Social Media Visualization of Hyper-local City Data. In Proceedings, WWW 2014, Seoul, Korea, April 2014. [PDF]

Xie K., Xia C., Grinberg N., Schwartz R., and Naaman M., Robust detection of hyper-local events from geotagged social media data. In Proceedings of the 13th Workshop on Multimedia Data Mining in KDD, 2013. [PDF]

Schwartz, R., Naaman M., Matni, Z. (2013) Making Sense of Cities Using Social Media: Requirements for Hyper-Local Data Aggregation Tools. In Proceedings, WCMCW at ICWSM 2013, Boston, USA, July 2013. [PDF]